Healthy outdoor grilling recipes?

Hi. I love to grill outside, but trying to drop a few lbs. for bikini season, lol!
I’m looking for tasty, easy recipes besides the same old chicken breast. I particularly like shish kebabs and seafood.
Let me know your favorite.
Thanks :)

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3 thoughts on “Healthy outdoor grilling recipes?

  1. msg420 on said:

    I love to grill salmon filets all the time winter or summer…I make it very simple, I brush it w/extra virgin olive oil, grind a little fresh black pepper on it, a little kosher or sea salt, charcoal grill it w/a little oak or maple added to the fire, and grill it medium to medium well,(otherwise it’ll be too dry). If you like squeeze some lemon on it, along w/a fresh spinach salad or baby greens, and some good Oregon Pinot Gris, it makes a good meal. I also love to get fresh scallops, the big ones, and shrimp w/bell pepper, mushrooms, maybe a little yellow and zuchinni squash /cherry toms, and kebab over coal and wood again brushed w/oil…I don’t like to marinade foods so much, I think it covers up the flavor of the food, instead of enhancing it like light seasoning does, along w/the flavor of the wood you’re cooking on…Oh-don’t forget to make yourself a big drink or have good beer handy, it always helps to have a buzz while grilling!!!

  2. TD Euwaite on said:

    There are many ways to flavor food without adding fat.

    Cooking over an open fire flavors the food by charring it. Although, some argue that the char itself (the HCAs) are a carcinogenic chemical formed when red meat, poultry and fish are charred or overcooked.

    Enough with the gloomy part.

    In this modern world of constant turmoil, I like to eat with one rule in mind, "Don’t be afraid of your food."

    So, Veggie Kabobs are great. You can do almost any combination, and apply almost any kind of sauce. There is one secret:

    Kabob sticks are hotter on the ends than they are in the middle. Put the stuff that takes the longest to cook, like peppers, squash and onions, on the ends. Put the stuff that cooks really fast; mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, in the middle.

    If you do it the other way round, the stuff on the ends will burn and fall off before the stuff in the middle is done.

  3. Yvonne S on said:

    My favorite is boneless chicken with bar-que sauce with Italian dressing wrap in tin foil then place on the grill. Sausage with onions and peppers with garlic salt and oil.